About The Figs!

Before I get into the blog’s introduction I’d like to introduce us, the figs!
There’s 2 of us: smol fig (@asmaqb) and salty fig (@emanqadeer) and if you didn’t guess, we are actually sisters!

Eman/Salty fig here, I’ll switch to first person to explain why the weird fig names.

Smol/salty are words commonly used on Tumblr. ┬áSmol fig was always known as small so the name stuck. For me, it was much harder finding a good ‘name’ and finding one that matched hers. Finally after many hours of scrolling through the #tumblrslang on tumblr (I legit did not have ideas). I came up with salty which is used for when you’re looking/being (agitated, irritated, upset). And that fits with me since a lot of people actually think I’m cold/unapproachable because I just have a icy blank expression (basically resting b*tch face). But that’s just my default face, also it doesn’t help sitting next to a ray of photogenic sunshine #smolfig.

Onto the blog’s intro (back to writing as two). What The Figs! was set up in January 2016 from scratch (cries in code) as a lifestyle blog! There are a few typical categories (food, beauty etc) and this is currently the only blog that is covering the Korean Hallyu wave with Figs Hallyu!

Sub sections include:

  • figs eat – restaurant reviews and hopefully recipes (if only photos were taken of what was cooked)
  • figs favorites – a collection of our favorite spots, products, etc
  • figs beauty – skincare, makeup, perfumes etc
  • figs hallyu – South Korean entertainment and culture
  • figs x – collaboration posts/random posts that don’t fit into any of the above categories

Coming soon:

  • figs watch – movies and anything entertainment related
  • figs explore – travel and staycations