About The Figs!

Before I get into the blog’s introduction I’d like to introduce us, the figs!
There’s 2 of us: smol fig (@asmaqb) and salty fig (@emanqadeer) and if you didn’t guess, we are actually sisters!

Eman/Salty fig here, I’ll switch to first person to explain why the weird fig names.

Smol/salty are words commonly used on Tumblr. ┬áSmol fig was always known as small so the name stuck. For me, it was much harder finding a good ‘name’ and finding one that matched hers. Finally after many hours of scrolling through the #tumblrslang on tumblr (I legit did not have ideas). I came up with salty which is used for when you’re looking/being (agitated, irritated, upset). And that fits with me since a lot of people actually think I’m cold/unapproachable because I just have a icy blank expression (basically resting b*tch face). But that’s just my default face, also it doesn’t help sitting next to a ray of photogenic sunshine #smolfig.

Onto the blog’s intro (back to writing as two). What The Figs! was set up in January 2016 from scratch (cries in code) as a lifestyle blog! There are a few typical categories (food, beauty etc). What sets this website apart from the masses is the fact that this is currently the only medium in the Middle East covering the Korean Cultural Wave (more popularly known as Hallyu) with our Hallyu section.

Over the years, the part of the blog that I struggle with the most is the ‘about’ section. This one alone has had over 14 unique revisions.

Hi I am Eman! I used to blog

I actually started blogging in 2013, when I was 13… *drops mic and exits the room* lol, no.

I used to hide my age a lot since responses were either condescending and judgmental or supportive and those were rare.