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We’ve visited Antique Bazaar a couple of times now but I’m sure the title already gave that away. With good food (they have special menus from time to time too) and being budget friendly (use my code: EQ001 for a flat 20% off your bill at any of Four Points Sheraton Bur Dubai’s F&B outlets).

We visited for their special Indo-Arab menu, (which is also vegetarian friendly) it consists of your typical Indian dishes with a slight Arab twist or the other way around, I’m looking at you masala falafel.

Now that I’ve mentioned masala falafel, I liked the spice mixture used for them but they were dry so make sure to drown them in that mint chutney/tahina hybrid.

Paneer is always a good option; silky cubes of cottage cheese coated in zaatar!

I was pleasantly surprised by the chatpata chicken tikka which comes with hummus. The chicken was tender and juicy and tastes best when dipped into the creamiest hummus I’ve had to date!

The tandoori sumac laccha aloo was the highlight of the meal, it may not look like much but boy was it good. Spiced mashed potatoes stuffed into bread, sounds comforting doesn’t it.

Foul masala was slightly spicy and really really good but the real standout was that sumac lachcha paratha, I could eat that on it’s own.

The louqmat rabdi was a letdown, not sure what that was but a warm bowl of gulab ali (umm ali topped with gulab jamun) was delicious. I can imagine myself recreating this dish for family gatherings.

Normally when dishes have an Arabian twist it doesn’t work too well together because either the flavors are too strong or too subtle but glad to see a distinction with Antique Bazaar.

Details: The Indo-Arab menu runs from the 21st of November to the 2nd of December 2016. Menu prices range from AED 38 to AED 90. Don’t forget to use my code EQ001 for a 20% discount.

Timings for Antique Bazaar are:

Lunch 12:30pm-3pm (only open for dinner on Fridays)

Dinner: 7:30pm-3am

Disclaimer: We were invited to Antique Bazaar but as always we try to keep our opinions and experience as unbiased as possible.

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