Coffee Club, way more than just great coffee

Coffee Club has been on the fig’s radar for quite some time now. Looking through the menu online it’s a good 15 pages (the reaction when we got to just mains was priceless). Forward to a week later, it turns out they’ve added a new range of burgers, vegetarian options and arab fusion items.

Narrowed down our options from the many dishes that stood out. But first drinks:


The photos on instagram of their super filling frappes presented in beakers had always piqued my curiosity (if only they had a fig flavor). For some time now, creme brulee has been my favorite dessert and they have a creme brulee frappe – do I need to say more. Actually I do ’cause this frappe is fantastic – not too heavy, with distinct flavors of vanilla, caramel and coffee.


The beetroot and walnut salad (think juicy peaches, crunchy walnuts and salty feta) is one of the ‘sensational salads’ whereas the pomegranate and date salad (think chopped dates, quinoa and creamy buffalo mozzarella) is part of the ‘Arab’ menu. Both are delicious and have a similar lemon/olive oil dressing.

Onto to mains, this is where we really dug in and everything tried was spot on, definitely not an understatement.

I love salmon it’s my favorite type of fish, whenever I’m dining outside or experimenting in the kitchen with fish it’ll be with a salmon filet. The portion is huge but no complaints here, wiped up every bit of the perfectly cooked salmon nicoise pesto and baked potatoes.

Chicken schnitzel with smoked veal bacon covered in melted cheese and served with potato wedges. *cue heart eyes emoji*. The coating for the chicken is different (in a good way, a very good way) and the tender meat on the inside, don’t even get me started.

Chicken and cashew nut stir fry, I didn’t think they’d be able to pull off a good range of fusion-Asian dishes but I was proved wrong. Crispy fried chicken with stir fried vegetables coated in a spicy cashew nut sauce (we asked for extra spicy) served with jasmine rice.

Not a big fan of goats cheese since it’s too overpowering hence I was a bit reluctant to try the new veggie burger. The flavors worked really well together, loved the slight sweetness from the beetroot.

A new dessert is the cripizza (crepe pizza) a light dessert with toasted marshmallows, bananas and nutella.

If you’re looking for something fruity the french toasted with glazed peaches and a peach maply syrup is  a great option. #heaven


Coffee Club has 3 locations across Dubai: Wasl Vita (Jumierah), Golden Mile (Palm Jumeirah) and Qusais.


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