Figs x Boxpark: #FiveBitesinaBox foodie tour

Foodie tours are always super fun, you get to walk around a certain area and try a little bit of what a particular restaurant or place has to offer. Boxpark is a foodie haven, with multiple cuisines and there’s always something fun happening (loved the chalkboards nearby Just Salad).

Our first stop was at Le Trésor (meaning the treasure) which some of you may remember as Classic Car Cafe!

Le Trésor still has the vintage cars displayed all around and funky car themed touches are visible around the restaurant too. How cool are these side mirrors that are attached to the sofas!

We tried out their afternoon tea; the cuts of meat, petite sandwiches and dessert were well liked. The scones on the other hand were too cakey and dry, the whipped cream and strawberry compote didn’t help either.

On the note of dessert, I’m a sucker for creme brulee (it’s my favorite dessert, for now at least). Everyone on the food tour kept talking about this creme brulee – a crisp top layer and a silky base.

Started off this food tour with dessert and we weren’t stopping there, the next stop was gelato. Now choosing a flavor is where things get tricky, I tried a bit of their pink grapefruit (sour slush like consistency) and date (creamy but too sweet for me to finish an entire scoop).

But I ended up with good ol’ strawberry which wasn’t too sweet and tasted just like the fruit. Do check out their pistachio as well it’s just as Dubai likes it: topped with gold flakes.

We headed to Big Chefs Studio for appetizers and a live demonstration by the Chef! Artichoke hummus, muhummara and some delicious non salty grilled halloumi sitting atop the aforementioned items.

Picture courtesy of an amazing blogger friend!

We then moved on to a meaty affair at Bikes N Bites which has some cool upper level booths. Loved the warm dinner rolls with caraway butter. Wasn’t a big fan of the sausages since they had an odd taste, on the other hand the turkey was lean and flavorful.

Side story, when Boxpark was actually opening up I would keep noticing the cute panda stuffing its face with rice and I always wondered what would open up there. Turns out it was Eat Kuai (the cute panda is still there and also a part of their branding). It was our final stop and boy was it sweet.

Cotton candy and ice cream mochi (favorite flavors were espresso and green tea, the blueberry just didn’t appeal to me).

A fun Thursday evening spent discovering more of Boxpark, let’s just say this isn’t my last visit (I seriously need to check out Bianca Mozzarella and Co been hearing fantastic things). Let me know which restaurants are your favorite in Boxpark in the comments below!

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