Forty Carrots – A Bloomingdale’s Find

Normally at Bloomingdales’, I expect to find the perfect outfit, the perfect shade of lipstick, or the perfect centerpiece – instead I found a great new restaurant! I’ve noticed Forty Carrots in Dubai Mall multiple times but never ordered anything other than their sweet treats; now with a new menu to boast, I decided to take the plunge.

Onto the food – isn’t that what everyone’s waiting for? Started off with freshly squeezed juices: pineapple and ABC (apple, beetroot, celery).

Went all out pumpkin at a carrot named eatery. The creamy but light pumpkin soup and pumpkin and green bead salad were fantastic. I liked the salad the best – roasted pumpkin seeds, juicy bits of pumpkin atop a bed of greens with creamy feta cheese and a balsamic dressing. Didn’t think that so much could be done with pumpkin and then the next dish arrived.

The pumpkin ravioli is actually a fast seller and for good reason – fluffy pillows of pumpkin goodness swimming in a tomato-ey marinara sauce served with the thickest potato wedges I’ve seen to date. Now for a non pumpkin dish: the falafel burger with fresh veggies and a tahina sauce. This is a big burger and boy is it good, makes you want to skip the meat!

I’m not a big fan of mango flavored items and even when I’ve tried them they aren’t the best of the selected flavors. Here I was proven wrong, sweet and refreshingly fruity was their mango frozen yogurt topped with pomegranate seeds and strawberries! It’s one of those desserts that you wouldn’t mind another bite of even when stuffed and that’s where the #dessertstomach kicks in.

Forty carrots is adequately priced with stellar dishes and was buzzing at lunch time on a Thursday afternoon! Definitely do try the mango frozen yogurt.

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