Figs x JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort Bio Garden

I always had the notion that the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort was far away but it really isn’t, took me 30 minutes from the heart of the city (Deira & no traffic). I was really looking forward to visiting since everyone boasts about how relaxing the resort is and they weren’t kidding.

I cannot stress enough on the fact that this didn’t feel at all like Dubai! A nice breeze, plants growing abundantly, not too much sunshine and peacocks at every corner (doesn’t sound like Dubai either).

I visited their bio garden for Earth Day (21st April). Within the bio garden/greenhouses, they’ve planted everything from strawberries to cherry tomatoes to mint (and a LOT more, mostly items a hotel kitchen requires).

They mainly plant seasonal items and because of the climate here the team behind the bio garden has to work twice as hard. Huge props to them for having something as great as this open!


Another fun aspect of the Earth Day celebrations was planting your own lemon tree and I got my hands dirty! Will check up on mine when visiting next time.

The best getaway from the city without leaving the city, already counting down the days until the next trip!

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