Kimchikin – Korean food anyone?

If you follow me on any social media platform you’ll know that I post a lot about Korean entertainment, so much so that a new section called Figs Hallyu will hopefully launch very soon and keep you updated on what’s happening in the K-world.

Moving on from my self promotion, I’ve tried Korean food on 4 different occasions and overall it’s been a pretty good experience (need some radish kimchi asap). Kimchikin has been on my list for a while, it specializes in Korean chicken, hence the name.

Their portions are pretty big, extra smalls of everything were easily good enough to share.

Finally tried topokki/tteobokki (half portion) which is a mixture of rice cake, fish cake and a sweet/spicy red chili sauce (gochujang). It’s a spicy stew with a sweet kick, best eaten when hot.

Their katsu curry was decent but I have had better, looking at you Sumo Sushi and Bento.

Kimchi fries were a first for me, they’re topped with a little too much shredded chicken/kimchi mixture, if that’s reduced this is some good East meets West comfort food.

Japchae (sweet potato noodles) has been a ย favorite for me, slippery glass noddles mixed in with veggies.

Zingy chicken wings are what Kimchikin is famous for and for good reason! Sweet, sour and meaty wings, get these to share.

Out of the entire visit my favorite items were the salt & pepper and sweet tomato chili boneless chicken plates, they are addictive.

Just a warning they add egg to a bunch of their items (fried rice, japchae etc) and it’s not fried egg it’s more of an omurice kind of egg so the taste is a lot stronger (tell make to make it eggless if you don’t prefer egg).

Monsta X on Music Bank

I’ve actually been back to Kimchikin a few times, getting my k-pop fix watching Music Bank on their tv and munching on their delicious chicken (also do try the pineapple fried rice)!

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