Welcome to our group order site for Korean Beauty!

Korean beauty is well known for being affordable and effective, and while the latter is definitely true, we really couldn’t find reasonably priced products in the UAE. Korea has tons of offers, even weekend deals every week and we’ve managed to bag some great products at discounted rates. So we are using all our knowledge and setting this site up as ordering in bulk will save on shipping costs which is a huge chuck of the expense.

We plan on posting regularly on flash sales, sales festivals and any other decent deal that catches our eye – and for those products that are time sensitive we’ll be using order forms instead of the site itself; everything that can be sourced through a deal with the supplier will be on the actual site.

So once you check out on the site or on the order form, we will place the group order which may take anywhere from 5-15 days to arrive (we’ll try to use the best method so it may take upto 2 weeks), and then either you can pick it up or we’ll ship it out to you (for a standard fee to keep costs low and be absolutely transparent)

If you need to talk to us about anything, even if it’s just for recommendations and to talk beauty please feel free to get in touch with us on the site, email (shop@whatthefigs.com) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/whatthefigsshop/)