Lee Ji Ham Vita Propolis Amouple + Cream Review

Disclosure: These products were sent to me by the brand but they did not ask for a blog post, I am publishing this because I genuinely want to share my experience.

I’m going to be talking about the vita propolis ampoule and cream by LJH.
Before I get any further, I’m going to delve into a quick side note about what an ampoule is.

An ampoule is a very concentrated essence/serum, it is filled with tons of active ingredients in high concentrations. It comes in a very small package and is supposed to be used before your serum/essence (both of these are same thing). Western beauty calls it a serum and Asian beauty calls is an essence, go figure.

Honestly speaking, ‘what is an ampoule?’ was the most asked question on my Insta that week, which led me to post the video above about how to apply an ampoule.

Now, I have 2 ways of using an ampoule. I either mix it into a cream or I apply it on it’s own, to my face. I normally do not use the latter method because have you seen the size of ampoules. It’s 20-30ml at best, the one from LJH is 15ml and I treat it like holy water. A little definitely does go a long way with this beauty. You can purchase it here (affiliate link).

Now onto the vita propolis cream, it is slightly sticky but once you apply it onto your face it absorbs very quickly leaving no sticky trace. It is a lightweight cream with no fragrance. Would definitely repurchase.

Prices normally range form $15- $38 for the ampoule and $20 – $50 for the cream.

That was my mini review, let me know if you’ve tried out these products in the comments below.

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