Yo Sushi – the kaiten belt in action.

Back when Yo Sushi opened, everyone was talking about the kaiten belt. An interesting concept where you just pick up the dish you want (or the one that calls to you) from the belt and stack up the empty plates (different colors different prices) to calculate the bill. Most of their cold dishes are served on the belt, if your selection is not visible (or if you want something from their vast hot range) let your server know.

So much tea is available favorite flavors were the sakura white tea and apricot green tea. If you need a little pick me up their relaxing rooibos black tea is a good option.

Fried buckwheat noodles for the win, really liked the vegetable yakisoba even more so then the prawn variant we tried on our second visit (I’ll post another review for that).

If chicken katsu curry on the menu it will be ordered, sadly smol fig hogs it and I normally try it when it’s cold. Not this time though, this hot dish has more of a spicy curry and that gari (sushi ginger) hidden in there = <3

My favorite was the popcorn shrimp, how can you go wrong with tempura bits of goodness? *ensue figs fighting*

Customary pun of the post, is this yo burger? *hides in a corner of the interweb* Tender garlic teriyaki beef sandwiched in a rice bun, innovative concept and deliciously messy but hard to eat and the bun is a tad bit too crispy for my liking which leads to a lot of chewing.

For dessert their roll cakes were delicious, ginkgo green tea (tasted very flowery) with the green tea and vanilla roll cake = happy figs!

We’ve already been back to Yo Sushi once (post up soon), looking forward to visiting on ‘blue Mondays’ where each dish off the belt is for the blue plate price!

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